• Our flower starts to bloom in Hakata
    to make your trip more delightful.


Stylish Hakata entertains you with the finest hospitality.

History, tradition, culture, and kindness
A new hotel opens with a sense of
beauty and style passed down through the ages in Hakata.
The exterior and interior design of our hotel features modern Japanese style.
The exterior appearance uses patterns of Hakata-ori textiles as its motif.
Have a splendid time in our stylish and sophisticated Hakata Premier.


Featuring modern Japanese design,
HAKATA Premier offers you
warmth in a modernized style.

Feel relaxed in our restful, yet well-lit and open guest rooms with large windows.


Our restaurant presents the stories of food and
cuisines from all around Kyushu.

Our restaurant is open all day long to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as after-dinner drinks.
The well-lit open kitchen serves a buffet-style breakfast in the morning light
with specialties from both Western and Japanese cuisine
using foods and ingredients produced in Kyushu.


Relieve and refresh yourself
from the fatigue of traveling.

The men’s bathing area displays a “Bird’s-eye view” of the old downtown area
in the 1930s on the wall. The patterns of handcrafted “Sagemon” ornaments
decorate the women’s bathing area. During the Hina Festival in March,
“Sagemon” ornaments are hung next to Hina dolls in the Yanagawa area,
a popular tourist destination in Fukuoka famous for its canals.
Our facilities enable you to alleviate your tiredness from
traveling and refresh your body and mind during your stay.