Hakata is a place where the history and culture of ancient times live on. Once you step into the back alleys from the bustling Taihaku Street, you will find charming rows of old-fashioned houses still standing proudly.
Enjoy the tradition and culture of Fukuoka that have been handed down while taking a walk around Gokusho-machi, one of the temple districts in Fukuoka.
Our hotel staff will take you on a tour to experience the "stylishness" of Hakata. Why don't you join us to discover the charms of Hakata?

*Dear guests
In accordance to the government’s new policy regarding control of infectious diseases, our hotel close the operation of a walking tour for a while.

A walking tour
with staff members of


A walking tour
with our staff members
to "Rediscover Hakata's history"

This tour takes you to the old downtown area of Hakata.
Enjoy walking around old Hakata with our hotel staff members to discover the attractive points of the area.
An original hotel souvenir token will be presented after finishing the tour.

*Dear guests
In accordance to the government’s new policy regarding control of infectious diseases, our hotel close the operation of a walking tour for a while.

10 people
Tour Dates: Every Sunday
*Due to the influence of COVID-19, it is suspended for the time being.
fee(per person /
over 7 years of age)
*Free for children 6 years of age and under.
(Note that there is no souvenir token for children.)

[Itinerary] *Duration: Approx. two hours

Meet at hotel front desk
Depart from hotel
Arrive at Shofukuji Temple
Tochoji Temple
(Heaven and Hell tour)
Kushida Shrine
Leave Kushida Shrine
Arrive back at the hotel

Note that the time schedule may vary depending on the situation on that day.

During the tour, we stop at Mochikichi Hakata main store for a tea break. (A free cup of green tea will be served.)

If you want to go shopping at Kawabata Shopping Arcade, you can leave the tour at Kushida Shrine.

  • This plan is only provided for overnight guests of THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier.
  • The tour is held every Sunday. If you want to join, please send an e-mail by Friday. Telephone registration is accepted until Saturday.
  • As a general rule, the tour will still be held if it rains. Guests may join at their own discretion in the case of rain.
    (The tour may be cancelled at the hotel's discretion in a case of extreme weather such as a typhoon or other natural disaster. )
  • The tour covers about 2.5 km (1.5 miles).
    Please wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for walking this distance.
  • Cancellation policy
    One day before the tour: 50% of the participation fee
    On the day of the tour: 100% of the participation fee

Hakata Walking Tour (Presented through collaboration with SUiTO FUKUOKA)

THE BLOSSOM HAKATA Premier presents our overnight guests with a walking tour through collaboration with SUiTO FUKUOKA. How about taking a walk around Hakata's downtown area to enjoy the history and traditional culture of Hakata?

SUiTO FUKUOKA is an official tourist information center licensed by the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO), which provides experimental programs and transmits daily information on attractive points of Fukuoka for domestic and overseas visitors so as to feel "SUITO FUKUOKA" (I love Fukuoka).

The name "SUiTO" comes from a word used in the Hakata dialect, "suito", which roughly translates as "I love". We chose the name in the hope that Fukuoka will become a beloved city centering around SUiTO FUKUOKA both domestically and internationally. *We only accept applications on the official site of SUiTO FUKUOKA.
We accept applications up to five days before the tour. Credit card payment in advance is required.

Please check for details here