Our protocols to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection


Each hotel and inn (ryokan) under the management of the JR Kyushu Hotels Co., Ltd.make constant efforts to prevent infection of guests and employees, in accordance to guidlines provided by hotel & ryokan organizations. We are promoting efforts to prevent infection of customers and employees.

In cooperation with virus prevention experts and responding to customer's requests, we make the necessary review of facilities' current conditions and if necessary, conduct changes.


Facility protocols

■In each facility, newly appointed"Sanitary Manager" supervises the implementation of sanitary measures taken on the place.


■Thorough ventilation
- conducting frequent and diligent ventilation of all possible spaces. Taking additional steps to maintain constant ventilation in guest rooms, lobby, restaurants, public baths, conference rooms, etc.. Keeping the air conditioning equipment in the best possible state, ventilate through doors and windows in spaces where they are usable.


■Site disinfection of each location
- frequently performing disinfection using sodium hypochlorite or rubbing alcohol.

Tables, chairs, railings, public toilets, elevator in-floor and call buttons, check-in machines, etc.

Front desk
Service counters, pens, card keys, card-key holders, luggage tags, lending equipment, etc.

Guest rooms
Doorknobs, TV and air-conditioning remote controls, lighting switches, safety boxes, refrigerators, telephones, hairdryers, guide books, toilets, faucets, etc.

Ancillary facilities

Vending machines, coin laundries, etc.


Tables, chairs, menus, seasoning containers, trays, etc.

Bathing area
doorknobs, lockers, dryers, etc.

Conference room, Multipurpose room
Tables, chairs, microphones, etc.


■Droplet infection prevention measures

Front desk
-To prevent the further spread of viruses, staff members not only wear masks, but protective screens have also been installed at the front desks
- In order to keep safe distance between the geusts, the front desk has been changed to allow reception of a maximum of 2 people.
-Simplification of the check-in procedure by summaraizing all the essential information on one piece of paper.
-In some cases, to provide more detailed explanation we will contact the guests by the phone in the room.

Guest rooms
-All the guest rooms and most of the other facilities are equipped with humidifier air purifiers. Additional machines can be rented (subject to availability).

-The layout has been changed in order to increase the distance between seats.
-In some facilities, breakfast buffets have been changed to full table service / a la carte.
-Explanations concerning the menu and meals are simplified.

Conference room, Multipurpose room
-The maximum capacity reduced by half.
"-Distances between seats and speakers are increased.
  -Tables for two can be only used by one person."

■Employee infection prevention measures

-Strict enforcement of hand-washing, gargle, and wearing a mask while commuting for everyone.
-Employees disinfect their hands with the alcohol solution placed in the employee side entrance before entering the building.
-Mandatory body-temperature-check before starting work. Employees who are unwell are sent back home.
-In case of infection or suspicion of infection inside the family (or roommates), an employee is obliged to contact the medical institutions and postpone attendance (at work).



Request to guests

■While visiting hotels (or inns), restaurants, bathing area, conference rooms
-Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms of fever, sore throat, or fatigue.
-Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands. Contact our staff if you do not have a mask.

■Check-in time

-Designate one person who will complete the necessary procedures at the front desk.
-Keep the distance while waiting for the reception at the front desk.
-Cooperate with temperature measurement (non-contact).
-If the facility is equipped with check-in/out machines, we highly reccomend using them.
<Facilities equipped with check-in machines>
JR Kyushu Hotel Kagoshima

-Inform the staff if you have a fever or don't feel well.
*Health concerning survey will also be conducted while using the check-in machine.

- To avoid crowding we ask to use the elevators in about one-third of their capacity.

■Smoking Room
-In facilities equipped with smoking booths, new capacity limits are displayed.

-Please wear your mask while entering the restaurant and moving around.
· Maintain the secure distance between yourself and other guests by preserving the initial table layout.
-In some facilities, breakfast buffets have been changed to full table service / a la carte.

■Bathing area
- Wear a mask while moving around the facility.
-Adjust the admission time to avoid crowding.
- Rental towels in the dressing room have been withdrawn. Please bring a towel from your room.

■Conference room, Multipurpose room
-The maximum capacity reduced by half.
"-Wash and disinfect your hands before entering the room.
  -Wear a mask while entering and using the room."

■Fitness room
-Adjust the admission time to avoid crowding.
-Wash and disinfect your hands before entering the room.