Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Thank you very much for staying in JR Kyushu Hotel Kagoshima.

To prevent spreading of Novel Coronavirus Infection and taking under the consideration our guests
and employees health`s safety, we have enforced a prevention rules, which are listed below.
We would like to kindly ask about your kind understanding and cooperation.

1.Please use hand sanitizer gel, which are provided at the front desk counter.
2.We would like to kindly inform you, that for the safety reasons our staff members wear masks.
3.We may not be able to provide breakfast buffets for the time being from Friday, March 6.
4.The frequency of cleaning facilities and equipment has been risen.
     The front desk counter, the nobs and the elevator buttons are being thoroughly cleaned.
5.If you notice some symptoms such as fever, cough, soar throat, rhinorrhea,
     please inform about that our front desk staff immediately.