The difficult situation continues, how are you doing?
JR Kyusyu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku has reopened from June 1st.
We carry out cleaning and hygiene management, and provide our customers with a safe and secure stay.

This time we would like to introduce the shop that can take out at Shinjuku Station.
It is Mr.FARMER in Shinjuku Milord.

You can enjoy salads, burgers, and drinks, which are made with plenty of fresh vegetables.
I think that you can relax with lots of plants in the store.

There is also take-out and open terrace, so why don't you visit this café?

Address: Odakyu Shinjuku Milord 1st floor Mosaic street
Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (LO19:00)
※Reopen from June 1st