Facilities Services



Going through the entrance, you can see an elegant and spacious lobby and receive a warm welcome from our staff. A beam of Yakushima sunlight streams through into the lobby from a skylight on the 5th floor. The check-in procedure is done while you relax on the sofa. Our staff will take you to your guest room. A concierge service is available at the reception desk which can provide local tourist information, and information about eco-tours in Yakushima.

A relief made from Yakusugi, 25m in height. This huge ancient cedar tree was in Ishizuka 95 National Forest at an altitude of 1280 m for 1344 years.


Thai-style body treatment

Thai-style body treatment is a traditional body care method to improve the flow of energy in our body, benefiting people both physically and psychologically. The luxurious treatment alleviates fatigue after traveling and leaves people feeling re-energized; this is all done under soft lighting and in a room filled with a tropical aroma. It is an excellent treatment to soothe your body and relieve aching muscles after hiking, and other leisure activities. The treatment and the hot spring both help you feel rejuvenated after an eco-tour.

Opening hours

15:00 ~ 24:00 (Check-in by 23:00)

  • *Thai-style body treatments are available for both day-trippers and guests.
  • *Opening hours vary depending on the season.


The library in the spacious lobby on the second floor has a collection of books on tourism in Yakushima.



There are three coin-operated washing machines on the first floor which guests can use. Detergent is available for a charge and is automatically dispensed into the machines.


Observation deck

See the Pacific Ocean spread out before your eyes in a panoramic view. The dynamic sunrise, sunset, and ever-changing scenery of Yakushima You can enjoy it with the sound of the waves.



You can buy souvenirs such as local foods, arts and crafts, and shochu.
There is also a courier service available.


Internet service
(Internet Corner)

A Wi-Fi Internet service is available in the guest rooms or in the lounge. A PC next to the reception desk can be used free of charge.


Washing area
for hiking boots

Brushes for washing hiking boots are available when you return from the mountains. Each guest room is equipped with a shoes dryer.

Each guest room is
equipped with
a shoes dryer.


Smoking area

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of our hotel, including guest rooms, except for a smoking area on the fourth floor.