Second floor (on the same floor as the lobby) 67 Seats

You can see the sun shining brightly over the vast ocean behind the large glass doors. The picturesque scenery helps create a pleasant atmosphere for meals in the elegant restaurant, which provides a well-balanced breakfast, a chef’s special dinner and a variety of Japanese and Western dishes. These are prepared using carefully selected local ingredients, including good quality meat and fresh seafood.


Opening hours
17:30~21:30 (Last orders 20:00)
By reservation only

Japanese and Western Course

Please try the chef’s special dinner which comprises a variety of Japanese and Western dishes using carefully selected local ingredients, including good quality meat and fresh seafood.
(Items on the menu vary depending on the season.)

Special Dietary Requirements

Menus for guests with special dietary requirements take several days to plan and prepare. Please make any requests in advance.

Please note that the availability of dishes using fresh seafood such as Otsukuri, thinly sliced raw fish decorated on an entire fishbone, is dependent on the fish caught that day.

総料理長:吉岡 輝人

“Cook fresh ingredients in the season when they taste at their best.”
We always try to carefully select fresh local ingredients to maximize the original flavors, sticking to the basic rules of cooking.
Good communication between the kitchen staff and waiting staff is indispensable. We desire that our dishes and service create wonderful memories for our guests so that they want to keep coming back.

Head Chef (Executive chef): Teruto Yoshioka


Opening hours
6:30~9:30 (Last orders 9:00)

The restaurant provides you with a nutritious, Japanese and Western style buffet. The well-balanced food will give you energy for the whole day.

  • *Depending on the occupancy rate, breakfast may be served on a tray to each guest.
  • *If you leave to go hiking early in the morning, you can get a free boxed breakfast. There is a charge for a lunchbox.