Tourist Information

Yakushima, an island designated as a World National Heritage site, has many sightseeing spots with abundant and beautiful nature, where you can enjoy various kinds of leisure activities.
Our hotel staff share some of the guests’ experiences of the activities on the island.

The most attractive outdoor activity in Yakushima!

Hiking tour via a forest covered with moss to see a magnificent view of mountains in Yakushima!

(Shiratani Unsui Kyou(Gorge)•Taikoiwa Hiking route)

About 5 hours
(Total 8 hours including transportation from JR hotel)
Recommended age
(A parent or an adult must accompany children under 18.)
Level of difficulty

Departure from the hotel. Gradually I started to feel excited, even though I was sleepy. Our guide took us to the destination.


Arrival at Shiratani Hiroba located 620 meters above sea level, the entrance to Shiratani Unsui Kyou (Gorge) and the starting point of the hike.
“Are you Okay? It might be tough if you are not used to hiking. (Smile).”
What the guide said made me regret my lack of exercise.
Would I be able to get to the destination?
After a short warm-up, we set off!


We keep walking as we listen to the guide telling us about the area. Crystal-clear water flows under Satsuki Suspension Bridge. The name, Unsuikyou which means a gorge of clouds and water, explains the clarity and cool atmosphere in the place.
Moreover, there are many cedars which have funny shapes and names.


You can walk through the root of Kuguri Sugi. This tree took root over a fallen tree. However, the fallen tree withered. This is the way how Kuguri Sugi had shaped. It’s the first time for me to walk through Kuguri Sugi.


After taking a short break at Shiratani Goya (Lodge), we head for “Kokemusu mori (the forest covered with moss)”. I was very impressed by the magnificent and mysterious atmosphere.
Yakushima is known as the island of moss due to its great variety of moss.


Now, we are crossing the final hurdle; the long and steep slope continues for a while. Can I get to the summit!?
When we get through the dense and dark forest, we climb up a steep trail.


At last, we arrive at Taikoiwa located 1,070 meters above sea level! Wow~! What’s this? A viewing platform takes you up in the air. A breathtaking panoramic view is right in front of you. A mountain range, including Miyanoura-dake (Mt. Miyanoura), which is the highest peak in Kyushu, stretches out before you. Thanks to being blessed by such dramatic scenery, I am re-energized!


After feeling recharged, we began our descent. On the way back, I passed through large layered rocks, a steep gorge, and a fresh stream from Shiratani-gawa (Shiratani river) in the primeval forest. This scenery also rejuvenated me.
The return route felt a bit easier♪ However, it was still hard! More accidents happen due to fatigue, so more attention is required on the return hike, which is a fundamental rule in hiking.


It’s time for our long-awaited lunch at Unsuikyou Entrance. Hunger is the best seasoning. What a delicious lunchbox!


You finally returned. Well done!

Clothing and Equipment for Hiking (for reference)

Clothing : Clothes which are easy to move in
(Those made from quick-drying fabrics are best.)
Two-piece water-resistant clothing (preferably a hooded jacket) for hiking
Footwear : Hiking boots which support the ankles
Equipment :
and extras
Waterproof gloves, towel, drink (about 500ml),
a light meal including sweets, knapsack with a cover

*Please do not hesitate to consult us if you have any questions about this.

Boxed Meals

If you leave to go hiking early in the morning, you can get a free boxed breakfast. There is a charge if you require a lunchbox. Please place your order by 19:00 on the evening before the hike.

Water sports in the river!

Adventures in the river with a Kayak and SUP
(Standup Paddling)

About 3 to 4 hours
Recommended age
(The age of eligibility for programs varies.)
Level of difficulty

After listening to the guide’s detailed talk, we ride on the kayak downstream from Anbo river. The river flows gently. It’s easy, even for beginners to paddle.


Paddling in the crystal-clear waters of Anbo River is a special experience! I felt at one with nature, listening to the sounds of paddling in the water and the birds singing.


The river becomes narrower, faster, and more dangerous. The beginners need to return downstream. In summertime, you can jump into the river from the rocks on the riverside.


The guide made coffee for us on the sandbar of the river.
River Kayaking was great. Everyone can enjoy it regardless of age, gender, and the level of proficiency. Why don’t you try?


Well done!

Clothing and Equipment for
Kayaking and SUP(for reference)

Clothing : Clothes which are easy to move in
(Those made from quick-drying fabrics are best),
swimsuit, hat or cap, spare clothes
Equipment :
and extras
Towel, drink (about 500ml), sunscreen

*Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the details.
We also offer other programs such as Sea Kayaking. Please contact us for more details.

Other sightseeing spots
around JR hotel Yakushima

Senpiro no Taki

Senpiro no Taki (Waterfall)

About 15 minutes by car

Senpiro-no-Taki has a magnificent view of a V-shaped valley. The Taino-gawa has eroded the granite rock stratum at the foot of Mt. Mocchomu. The bedrock on the left side of the falls is called “Senpiro-no-Taki” which means that a thousand people can hold hands with each other on the bedrock. When the river rises due to heavy rain, the sound of falling water resounds even more powerfully.

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen (Seashore Hot spring)

About 20 minutes by car

This unique hot spring is on the shore. You can take a bath only at low tide. In the daytime, enjoy looking at the ocean. It is also a magical experience to soak in the hot spring under a starry sky.
*Note that there is no changing room around the hot spring. Wearing a swimsuit or underwear is prohibited.

Ooko-no-Taki (Waterfall)

About 35 minutes by car

These dynamic falls drop 88 meters. You can feel the fresh cool air, filled with lots of negative ions in front of the waterfall.

Yakusugi Museum

About 35 minutes by car

Yakusugi Museum focuses on the forests in Yakuashima and describes the vegetation, including Yaku-Sugi and the history of the forests in Yakushima using dioramas and computer graphics.

Get re-energized!

Thai-style body treatment is a traditional body care method to improve the flow of energy in our bodies, both physically and psychologically. The luxurious treatment, which is done in a softly lit room filled with a tropical aroma, heals your body and helps relieve feelings of tiredness after traveling. It is an excellent way to stretch your exhausted body after doing any strenuous outdoor exercise. The treatment and the hot spring work together to bring a sense of complete rejuvenation after an eco-tour.


Sightseeing recommendations

he recommendations are just for your reference and whether you can visit the places listed depends on the length of your stay in Yakushima.
(JR hotel Yakushima does not offer any optional tours.)