An extraordinary open feeling.
Profoundly relaxing space.

In addition to the rooftop spa, filled with the hot spring water gushing out from 700m deep underground, and the marvelous panorama of the mountains and ocean in Oita,
the full-scale sauna and cafe & bar provide a relaxing space to relieve your travel fatigue.



Located 80m above the ground,
one of Japan's highest rooftop open-air spas and indoor hot spring.

Tenku Open-air Spa

Tenku Open-air Spa(Natural hot spring and Highly carbonated spring)

Please experience the natural hot spring and highly carbonated spring at 80m above the ground while enjoying the panoramic view of the rich mountains and ocean in Oita in the extraordinary open atmosphere.

* Bathing clothes are available for female guests for bathing in the open-air spa.

Natural Hot Spring

The hot spring water is the [Great depth underground geothermal hot spring water (Deep geothermal water containing carbonic acid gas generated by the chemical reaction of ancient plants)] pumped out from 700m deep underground and characterized by its slight viscosity and beautiful yellowish brown color. This hot spring is [The spring for beautiful skin] which makes your skin softer and smoother after bathing.

Spring Quality Sodium - Hydrogen carbonate spring
pH 8.0(Slightly alkaline)
Spring Temperature 52.2℃
Symptoms for which the spring is effective Neuralgia, joint pain, chronic digestive diseases, oversensitiveness to cold, fatigue and others.
Highly concentrated carbonated spring

This is the highly concentrated carbonated spring with more than 1000ppm of carbonic acid gas dissolved. The hot spring facilitates your blood circulation and warms up your body from the inside due to the carbonic acid gas. As the spring temperature is set moderately at 38℃, it is easy on your body and lets you take your time while you enjoy the view from the open-air spa.

Indoor Spring

Indoor Spring

The indoor hot spring and the open-air spa share the the same natural hot spring water.Enjoy a relaxing moment in the glass-sided indoor hot spring with a panoramic view of Oita's townscape.


Two types of full-scale saunas which facilitate comfortable perspiration

  • Finnish Sauna

    Finnish Sauna

    Please enjoy Oita's townscape spread out below your eyes as well as the soft light shining into the sauna constructed with sauna stones from Finland.

  • Aroma Steam Sauna

    Aroma Steam Sauna

    As the warmed bench installed against the wall welcomes you and the comfortable aroma steam surrounds your entire body, the soft mist loosens up your body and slowly relieves your fatigue.


The healing spa
featuring one of the biggest dry saunas in Kyushu,
bedrock bathing and rest lounge.

* The lodging guests can enjoy
the spa just for ¥500 per bathing.

  • Grand Loyly

    Grand Loyly

    One of the largest dry saunas in Kyushu with the temperature maintained at 60℃.

  • Aroma Salt Spa

    Aroma Salt Spa

    The radiant heat generated by the floor made of Australian marble characterized by its bright salmon pink and walls of rock salt wraps your entire body and facilitates your perspiration in the aroma.

  • Cool Spa

    Cool Spa

    The cool spa featuring the walls with blue inlaid tiles and blue lighting, which are cool to the eyes as well, rapidly cools down your body.It enhances the refreshing effect after perspiration.

  • Tenku Lounge

    Tenku Lounge

    Please enjoy the carefully designed interior, magnificent view of Oita and relaxing time in the book lounge.


The blissful time while enjoying
the townscape relaxes your mind.

  • Cafe & Bar Tenku

    Cafe & Bar Tenku

    We serve draft beer chilled below freezing and local dishes.Please have a blissful time in this place where you can enjoy the sophisticated interior design and Oita's townscape after refreshing yourself in the hot spring or spa.

    Opening Hours 11:30~23:00(Last orders 22:30)

    * The lodging guests can stop by just for drinks.

  • Grand Phyto Nature (Body Care/Treatment)

    Grand Phyto Nature (Body Care/Treatment)

    We offer aromatherapy providing a profound relaxation, lymph detox improving stagnant lymph fluid flow, facial care enhancing the firmness of your skin and refreshing care providing a massage to ease the stiffness of your body.

    Opening Hours 11:00~24:00
    (Last entry 23:00)

    * We highly recommend that you make a reservation beforehand.
    (TEL +81-97-576-9117)


Please enjoy bathing in the hot spring with a marvelous view in the pleasantly refreshing morning and enrich your mind.

Please enjoy bathing in the hot spring with a marvelous view in the pleasantly refreshing morning and enrich your mind.

The spa is exclusively available for the lodging guests during 6:00~9:30 (Last entry 9:00).
Please relax your body and mind while feeling the refreshing air in the morning and passage of time.

Opening Hours 6:00~9:30 (Last entry 9:00)


  • Opening Hours
    Opening Hours

    ■ 11:00~24:00
    (Last entry 23:30 / Last entry for Healing Spa 23:00)
    * For the lodging guests 14:00~24:00
    (Last entry 23:30 / Last entry for Healing Spa 23:00)

    ■ 6:00~9:30
    (Last entry 9:00)

    * The bathing service is available during 11:00~14:00 for the lodging guests staying for two or more nights in a row. (Except on the check-out day)
    * The morning bathing service is available for the lodging guests only.
    * The Cafe & Bar Tenku, Grand Phyto Nature and Healing Spa are closed during the morning bathing service time.

  • Location

    ■ 19th Floor Reception, Healing Spa, Body Care/Treatment
    (Grand Phyto Nature)
    ■ 20th Floor Indoor hot spring, Sauna, Cafe & Bar Tenku
    ■ 21st Floor Rooftop Open-air Spa

For the lodging guests

・Please bring your guest room card key to the reception desk on the 19th floor for bathing.
・Wearing the Japanese-style nightwear and slippers available in your guest room is acceptable when coming to the reception desk for bathing.
・The bath towel and face towel are available on the 20th floor.
・All charges for the pay services in the City Spa Tenku can be settled when checking out of the hotel.
・The admission to the Healing Spa is limited to the guests who are Junior high school students or older.
・We charge the bathing fee (Weekday 1,100 JPY / Saturday and Sunday 1,300 JPY) separately to children who share a bed in your guest room.
・We are sorry, but we decline the admission of babies wearing diapers or children under 3 years of age.
・We decline the admission of guests with a tattoo.
・We decline the admission of guests who are drunk or cause trouble to the other guests.
・We are closed twice a year and change our service hours once a month for the maintenance purpose.

For the detailed facility and latest information

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