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Type Area Number
of Room
Bed width Number
of bed
Single 18㎡ 59 138cm 1 ¥21,800 - -
Double 19㎡ 45 160cm 1 ¥23,960 ¥27,200 -
Twin 25㎡ 104 120cm 2 ¥29,360 ¥32,800 -
Superior Twin 30㎡ 15 120cm 2 ¥34,760 ¥38,200 ¥41,600
Deluxe Twin 38㎡ 13 120cm 2 ¥38,000 ¥43,600 ¥46,700
Premium Twin 38㎡ 2 120cm 2 - ¥54,400 -
Wheelchair accessible 25㎡ 1 110cm 2 ¥29,360 ¥32,800 -

※ The above charges include consumption tax and accommodation tax. No service fee.
Room rates may vary depending on the date. Please click here to verify rates.

About number of hotel guests
■ Accommodation that exceeds the stipulated number of people for the room size will be refused based on the Fire Service Law

Fire Service Act
the Fire Services Act enforcement regulations

■Appropriate management the number of people being accommodated
・Each fireproof object has a limit on the number of persons that can be accommodated.
・Consideration should be taken not to accommodate persons far beyond this, based on the number of persons accommodated by the calculation criteria for the number of people accommodated for each purpose specified in Article 1 of the Fire Service Law Enforcement Regulations.
・In the event that the situation of accommodation exceeding the number of people is restricted, we will promptly restrict new entry and secure the evacuation route, check facilities for evacuation broadcasting, arrange leaders, strengthen the leaders etc. You must prepare for the case of a disaster.

About sharing bed with your child
■6 years old or less can share a bed with you. (free of charge)
※ For each bed, the number of children sleeping together will be limited to one person.
※ If your child is over elementary school student, reservation as an adult is required.

Deodorization, High Floor, Low Floor
■request such as smoking or non-smoking rooms, higher floors or lower floors are available on request only.
Please acknowledge that it may not be able to meet your request, depending on the availability of the day.
※ When the room of non-smoking is fully occupied, we will deal with deodorizing work.
We will do our best for the deodorizing work, but some may smell a tobacco will remain.
*Floor is different between non-smoking room and smoking room.
If you book a non-smoking room and a smoking room with multiple rooms, it will be prepared on different floors.


Akasaka Umaya Shinjuku (赤坂うまや 新宿)
Location 1F
【Morning】6:30am~10:30am(LO 10:00am)
【Lunch】11:30am~2:30pm(LO 2:00pm)
【Dinner】5:00pm~11:30pm(LO 11:00pm)
Number of seats 95seats.


■ Check-in and check-out
Check-in 2:00pm / Check-out 11:00am
■ Internet service
Free Wi-Fi and LAN internet available.
Internet corner in the lobby.
■ Fee service
・ Laundry
・ Copy
・ Print out
・ Courier service
・ Laptop for rent
・ Massage
・ Parking


● 3 minutes walk from the South Exit of JR Shinjuku Station.
● 2 minutes walk from the #4 Exit of Shinjuku Station on the Toei Oedo and Toei Shinjuku Lines.

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