【NOTICE】Accommodation tax to be paid on site 


Thank you for your continued patronage of THE BLOSSOM KYOTO 

Due to system changes related to the new billing system beginning from October 2023, we would like to inform you that you will be required to pay the hotel accommodation tax at the hotel beginning from April 15, 2024. This applies to new reservations received on or after December 4, 2023. 

*The room rates listed on the hotel's official website include only the consumption tax and do not include the accommodation tax.  

**The accommodation tax is a tax on accommodation only and does not include meals and breakfast.  


【Accommodation Tax】  

Room rates (per person per night)  

・Less than 20,000 yen:200 yen 

・More than 20,000 yen - less than 50,000 yen:500 yen 

・More than 50,000yen1,000yen 

*For example, if you are staying in a room with a charge of 40,000yen with 2 people, the accommodation tax will be 1,000yen (500yen per person).  


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  



General Manager