Yakushima, part of the southernmost area of Kyushu, Island is located 60 km to the south of the Sata Cape in Kagoshima prefecture. This pristine island was designated a World National Heritage site in 1993. JR Hotel Yakushima is located on the Tanizakibana Cape, at the southern end of the island. It offers spectacular views of the vast ocean, stretching from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean, and the magnificent Mt. Mocchomu serves as a backdrop.

The unique hot spring waters restore weary travelers and the appetizing food, made with an abundance of local ingredients, awakens your five senses.

01 Guest Rooms

Embraced By nature Completely unwind In luxury

Featuring large windows, each guest room (facing either the ocean or the mountains) offers panoramic views of Yakushima’s breathtaking nature.

02 Restaurant

Savor appetizing dishes Surrounded by the scenic ocean and magical forests

The sun lights up the vast ocean.
The spectacular scenery, visible through large glass
doors, creates a wonderful atmosphere in the restaurant.

03 Hot spring
Relax by soaking in the natural hot spring you may even feel as if you are in the sea surrounding Yakushima.

The endless horizon and blue skies
gradually change as sunset approaches.
The hot spring offers an amazing ocean view
Being at the same level as the ocean’s surface.